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Fail to transfer title w/i 45 days citation. Do i plea guilty at the arraignment? Title was transferred immediately after cited.

Issaquah, WA |

I got pulled over for speeding but was cited for failure to transfer title. I do not have a lawyer and have an arraignment set. I have never been convicted of any misdemeanor and would like to just get some advice on how I should proceed. The title was transferred right after the incident. What should I do or bring to my arraignment aside from the proof of transfer?

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  1. Failure to transfer title is NOT a Felony. However, you want to keep your record clear and I highly recommend you retain a criminal defense attorney licensed to practice in the State of Washington and pursue your rights in court. Good Luck!

  2. If you qualify for a public defender, one should be appointed. Don't plead guilty until you speak with an attorney. Bring your proof of transfer. You may be able to have the charge reduced to an infraction.

  3. When you go to your arraignment, you should fill out the questionnaire to see if you qualify for a public defender. He or she can help you decide what the best options are. If this is your first criminal charge the prosecutor may be willing to amend it to an infraction if you provide proof that you transferred the title after the incident, but you should talk to an attorney before entering into any kind of deal.

    This answer is for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice.

  4. Always plead not guilty. Call me if you need help on this case. I can be reached at 360-647-5251 or at

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