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Facing Class C sexual misconduct w/ a minor Will this help? i have medical records, statement about the 14yo wanting to move out

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In May I was informed that my neice made an accusation in her diary. Then, reported to the police 3 separate incidences. Originally, they were seeking 3 class B felonies and have file 1 class c felony for sexual misconduct. At this time I was residing in my sister's garage and was supposed to be moving out state for educational purposes. After I received the restraining order (not issued by the police investigating the case) I found out the dates. 2 of which were days apart. One being a Friday and one a Sunday. Friday I was at work until midnight and Sunday until 10pm. I have a copy of my work schedule and my work also has a copy. 5 days before this Friday when I was accused of, I had to have a signifigant amount of infection removed as I had staph as a result of a spider bite.

I have statements from myself and others who have witnessed my niece's behavior, my sister's inconsistent lifestyle, abuse, etc. what should i be looking for to build my case. I have an attorney, but she may end up resigning as I do not have very much money.

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Consult with a criminal attorney.

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Do not post anything further on this site. You have very serious charges against you and anything you post here may be used against you. I strongly recommend that you ask you own lawyer how to proceed.

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Don't post anything more. Lawyers up

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