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Hi, I received an office action to my trademark app on 1/21/2012 meaning I only have until 7/21/2012 to send in an ROA. I am currently working out a consent agreement with the prior registrant of the mark. Is it possible to request an extension of the deadline? Or should I just send in a token ROA and plan on appealing later once I have a consent agreement ready? Thank You!

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  1. If you do not answer the application will become abandoned. I do not understand why you cannot answer the OA in view of the negotiations but that may be irrelevant. Once it becomes abandoned you have two months to petition to revive the abandoned application.
    You should have a TM attorney take care of responding to the OA as it may affect the negotiations.

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  2. Attorney Golab's answer is right on point.

    I would add that the Trademark Examining Attorney is mandated to scrutinize the terms of whatever agreement you file with the Office and determine whether it fulfills the principle of "consumer protection" that's behind U.S. trademark law. If you aren't already being advised on this project by an attorney experienced in trademark matters, you might find that all this effort turns out just to be spinning your wheels.

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  3. It sounds like you are handling both the trademark application and the consent agreement without counsel. This is a very bad idea. You need to provide a meaningful substantive response to the office action on time, and you would be making a potentially disastrous mistake by working out a consent agreement without counsel. From the point of view of the trademark office, you have had more than sufficient time to answer the office action and you will not get very far merely by putting in a response stating that you are working on a consent agreement--such a response may be the equivalent of abandonment.