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Expungement for California DUI. I got a DUI in California 2000 and I wanted to see if I can get it expunged?

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Facing DUI in Illinois and IL. goes back for ever and counts all DUI's . Anyway to not have DUI from 200 count as a prior conviction?

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Sorry but even if it gets expunged it will count as a prior


No. Expungement will not help. It happened. That's all Illinois needs to know.

Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


Same in California. "Expungement" is a misnomer. It's really "dismissal" and even that doesn't quite mean much. It's still priorable for 10 years.


You can get it "expunged" in California, however, its not a true expungement. The conviction will remain on your record. All the "expungement" will do is add a note that indicates the charge has been dismissed pursuant to Cal. Penal code 1203.4. In California, what is commonly known as an "expungement" is more accurately described as a dismissal. The conviction is never removed, so it is unlikely that it will help with the Illinois case.

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Expungement doesn't mean it is not priorable, at least according to CA law. See CA Penal Code 1203.4.

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Expungement is not an eraser. It will count in Illinois.



Whether it counts in Illinois is not for a California attorney to tell you. But even an "expunged" DUI conviction in CA would still be priorable in CA.

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