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Expired Driver's Licence (unusual expiration date)

Atlanta, GA |

A policeman pulled me over for not coming to a complete stop at a pedestrian crossing (from my point of view, the pedestrian walked out suddenly and I couldn't fully stop). Anyway. The cop didn't cite me for not stopping, but he/we discovered that my licence (Atlanta, Fulton Co.) expired nearly two months ago. He said that he could have arrested me, but instead he took my licence and told me to go renew it. I did so immediately (I didn't drive myself there!). The odd thing about my licence is that the renewal date was NOT my birthday, as I had assumed; I guess I have now discovered that it is tied instead to my Green Card date (I have a valid Green Card). What should I do on my court date? Any advice? And what kind of fine can I expect?

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  1. Typically if you have a valid ID by the time you get to court they will either dismiss the charge or reduce it to a charge of no license on person. Fine might be around $25. City of Atlanta is odd though. Something different each time I go. If they don't agree to reduce the fine or dismiss, tell them you want to reset the case 30 days to hire an attorney. The extension is usually granted automatically the first time. Good luck and call me if you need more information. I'm happy to help. The phone initial calls are free.

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  2. I agree with the foregoing answer. But NO Drivers licenses are a pain to deal with if there is any issue at all. If for some reason you are convicted of this offense, you must go to the jail and be fingerprinted. Handled properly, you should NOT be convicted, but do you want to take that chance? You ought to be ok, but there is no guarantee. Hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will protect you.

    Good luck.

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  3. Especially given your Green Card Status you need to hire a qualified attorney to guide you in this matter. Generally the City of Atlanta will dismiss the charge. If they wouldnt, then the 30 day reset is ok provided they DO NOT make you waive jury trial, This type of charge would almost certainly be Nolle Prosequi (Dismissed) in Fulton County State Court given that you have a current license. It could take a while though to go the Fulton County Route. Hire an Attorney.

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