Exemption for N400 fee

Hi, I'm going to apply my N400 next month. I have income lower 10K in year 2012. Will I eligible for having exemption $680 fee? If I apply N400 with exemption fee does my process will be taken longer time than normal case? Thanks

San Diego, CA -

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Lynne Rogers Feldman

Lynne Rogers Feldman

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

You will need a Form I-912 and need to supply all of the required doducments they indicate in those instructions. It should not take much if any longer to process with a fee wiaver if you submit the required fee waiver documents.

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Olesia Gorinshteyn

Olesia Gorinshteyn

Immigration Attorney - Atlanta, GA

It will take longer only if your I-912 is rejected by USCIS because you would have to refile with the filing fee or additional documents to support a fee waiver.

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