Executor of estate told me to submit receipts for emptying my father's estate. I submitted them and was told

Asked almost 3 years ago - York, SC

"Lori, These are not expenses that the Trust should pay, if that's what your asking of me?"

I submitted gas, u-haul, packing materials, etc...and
labor for 4 persons 6 days 8 hrs @ 15.00=2880.00 totaling with the above $5,244.53
driving from South Carolina to Palm Beach Fl
I need advise on: is there an ethic clause for the Executor NOT to be sharing secrets from the deceased to family members and causing major heartaches and disturbances within the family. Not to mention the bro-in-law is the executor and benefited around or exceeded 1 million dollars in cash, houses and cars. Please help Thank You

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    Answered . Your question is not clear. But something that often comes up concerns whether or not freight for delivery of tangible personal property bequests is an estate expense, and likewise, whether or not someone's travel expenses to recover bequests are reimbursible.

    Generally travel expenses to pick up a bequest item will not get reimbursed. But whether or not shipping to deliver, store, handle, or insure a bequest will be "on the house" or charged against the recipient somehow, is a matter of local custom and law.

    Accordingly, there is not enough information to answer the question, but you may certainly call and ask a lawyer in the place where the estate or trust is being adminstered.

    No legal representation exists by virtue of this answer. Consult your attorney. Licensed to practice law in... more

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