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Excessive noise all hours of the day from upstairs neighbors.

Poughkeepsie, NY |

I just started living in an apartment located beneath another and the neighbors are constantly playing music loud and or having parties of loud people both in and outside their apartment next to mine. I've spoken to the landlord numerous times about this and he has spoken to them as well. They still persist in having no consideration for their neighbors. I live in the Town of LaGrange in Dutchess County NY and the noise ordinance isn't in effect until after 10pm. I hate having to call the police and my landlord. What are my rights and can anything be done?

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Unfortunately noise disturbances for apartment dwellers are a common phenomenon. While you might not wish to call the police it might be the only option. I recommend sending a certified letter to the landlord demanding he remedy the situation. If that fails contact the police. If that doesn't do anything then you might be able to bring a claim against the landlord for breaching the lease by mot providing an apartment which you can use and enjoy. Hire a competent attorney experienced in landlord tenant issues to assist you.

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Send letter to landlord, explain what happens and that there is nuisance going on and ask for action to be taken. Good luck !

Zlata Berman

Zlata Berman


I agree


As already stated by others, your choices are: (1) call the police and see if that's does anything; (2) complain to your landlord in writing as per the lease and if your landlord doesn't do anything about it, perhaps you have a claim against your landlord.

Contact a landlord tenant attorney in your area if you want to pursue a court action.

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