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Ex wife slandering my name and making false statements about me on Facebook.

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My ex wife has been slandering my name and making false statements about me on Facebook. One of the false comments was that I lost my job due to showing up to work drunk. That is totally false. Can I sue her or press charges against her for this?

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Report abuse to FB. Have a local lawyer send her a cease and desist letter.

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I agree with counsel. On a separate note, you can sue whoever you want for whatever you want, the question will be, will you win. To prevail, you would need to show some harm to you that resulted SPECIFICALLY due to her posts. Can you prove this ? Slander is a difficult case to make. The question is how much money is it worth to sue her ? If you came into my office, if I would even consider taking this case, I would require a $5,000 retainer and I would bill hourly. I would consult a local attorney, with specifics. As for "pressing charges" I do not see any illegal actions based on what you have set forth her. If she is "harassing you" you can simply de-friend her. Good luck.

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It is possible that you have a claim for defamation. In Ohio, defamation is a false statement of fact that is published by another and proximately causes harm to one's reputation. The difficulty here is showing damages. In other words, you must show how the statements have harmed your reputation. However, if one of the statements suggested you worked drunk and therefore had a tendency injure your reputation in your trade, damages may be presumed under a defamation per se theory.

These types of cases can be heavily factual. You should speak with an attorney who can go over the facts and determine the strength of your case.

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