Ex Parte Request for Posting Order in Sacramento, CA

Does Superior Court in Sacramento use such a form? My process server can't locate the defendant. She says my responsibility to supply the required form. I had one LDA type up Affidavit and sign and date and worked previously. Thank you,

Sacramento, CA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - San Francisco, CA

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Charles Richard Perry

Charles Richard Perry

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Hollister, CA

This question is unclear. It would help to know what kind of case you are involved with, and what the form is supposed to say. Is it something more than a declaration showing efforts to serve?

In family law cases there is a form to be used to be used to apply for service by publication. It is form FL-980. There is no such form for other cases, however.

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