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Ex is amending our parenting plan, can I add other things as well?

Everett, WA |

My ex is amending our parenting plan, just a little portion of it, that addresses a specific issue having to do with their conditions for me. Is it possible for me to add in conditions for the other side while we're amending it? Our judgment was default against me, so I didn't really have a chance to have my input considered. I have some considerable proof about why I want my ex to have to do some services, and am wondering, since they're adding things to the parenting plan, if I can, too?

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  1. Your ex wants a court to make changes to your parenting plan, your ex cannot unilaterally announce changes. Your ex isn't the final authority, the court is. And this question is exactly why judges are so loathe to open up parenting plans to modification. If your ex asks the court to modify the plan, you are within your rights to ask for modifications to the plan as well.

    If there are conditions on your participation, use Google Scholar to look up Marriage of Possinger that deals with progressive changes in parenting plans.

    And assemble that proof while you are at it. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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