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Ex-husband messed up my credit and I need to have it removed... can this be done?

Taylor, MI |

Me and my husband have been separated for 4 years, which be faithfully made the house payment in that time, EXCEPT the last 3 months, he just stopped and I didnt noticed it, because he is in Afghanistan and I never paid attention to the bill. Until I started getting certified letters is when I found out. He has since paid it up to date, and now I'm making the payments on the house since the divorce. But because of those 3 months have done some damage to my credit score. How can I get this off? I asked the mortgage company and suggested a lawyer. Really?! What do I need to do?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. It's unlikely that a lawyer will be able to help with this issue. While you can file disputes with the credit reporting agencies, the fact is that the payments were made late. If your name is on the loan, the report is accurate, and it's unlikely that the credit reporting agencies will alter the score.

    Your only hope would seem to be to persuade your lender to change the way it reports the late payments. However, this is something they are under no obligation to do, and they may not be willing.

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