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Ex husband apparently has no health insurance for himself.

Skokie, IL |
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2009 Divorce decree states we both shall have medical insurance and pay our own premiums. He has a history of issues that require medications and follow up. I am concerned, since he takes me to court every year for various frivolous things, costing us both thousands of dollars. This year a judge informally stated he doesn't have to pay for a routine expense of camp that he has been paying his half for years, since he states he can't afford it. I am concerned that if something happens to him medically he will use medical bills as his next excuse in court to not pay previously agreed upon expenses. Doesn't he have to have health insurance?

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  1. no, not under the divorce decree for himself. but he may under the affordable care act.

    his other bills should have nothing to do with his paying what the divorce papers order him to pay. those court ordered payments should be paid first, before his other bills.

    if the camp expense was not in the divorce papers as something he had to pay, then he need not.

    take your papers to a lawyer for a review.

  2. I have never seen a divorce decree that states a party must carry medical insurance to cover themselves post decree. You need to take your papers in person to your divorce lawyer to review with you. It would be highly unlikely a divorce court ordered that he must have medical coverage. Although technically under the new federal law coverage will be mandatory but that law us not fully effective yet.

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  3. Under divorce law, he would not be under any obligation to maintain health insurance on himself.

  4. No obligation to maintain insurance, only to pay for insurance if he chooses to get it. Likewise he has the obligation to pay his other medical expenses.

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