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Ex girlfriend harrasing, stalking me.

Las Vegas, NV |

My ex girlfriend has been harrasing me NON stop. I had to change my phone number, she sends emails over and over after I block one she makes another, she has hacked into my bank account, my facebook, my emails you name it. She makes fake facebook profiles and on FB and trys to talk to me pretending to be someone else... she sends emails from my account to her account saying "I'm so sorry I shouldn't ignore you anymore I really do love you" She was charged with domestic violence last month and I think she moved in with her mother in Idaho, she has a "stay out of trouble" clause and has 5 other stalking charges on her record from before she ever met me... She is calling my family members messaging my friends... I need to know what I can do if she is in another state and what will happen?

I want to know if she can get in trouble for this because this is insane... I have met another girl and she has threatened me that if she finds out who she is she is going to do what ever she can to break us up... I hope something is done... The only thing im worried about is she is in another state? She has been arrested 13 times and has 4 Domestic Violence convictions on her record so I really am scared.

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Get a protection order and then have the police arrest her when she violates the order.

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