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Ex doesn't want to pay full amount for child support and alimony. He is self-employed and his net income is $600-$900 weekly.

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My ex and I agreed the child support to be $2000 mo. for 3 children. The children & myself continued to live in the family home and he continued to pay all expenses giving me a weekly allowance of $300. I recently moved out of the home taking 2 children w/ me. He moved back into the house w/ 1 child. He refuses to pay the full amount of child support for 2 children and alimony continuing to pay only the $300 weekly allowance. Also he pressured me into giving him my share of the home for only $20,000 ($7,000 down to pay for my move and $300 mo). He originally agreed to more but kept lowering it saying it was too much and to continue to control the situation. We also agreed the alimony to be $800 mo. but his lawyer changed it to 2 years. WHY?

What should I do? I don't have any other income

Before I moved out of the house, we had discussed where I should go to benefit the children. We agreed to PA where I have family. After I hired the movers and left the house (I was actually in SC visiting family on my way up to PA), he said I could get in trouble for taking the children out of state. So now I'm in JAX and he's in WPB. I have no job, no family and friends to help me, and in a brand new city I've never been to before because I couldn't bring myself to move back to WPB where he is. I am overwhelmed with this whole situation and it's the children that suffer. He also said that if I were to pursue this legally that he would give up everything and go back to his home country (Peru). The total he pays is $600 mo. for child support, $300 mo. for alimony, and $300 mo. for the house agreement. What should I do?

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  1. You need to see an attorney immediately. By taking what he is offering and not pursuing what you are rightfully entitled to, you are losing your rights rather quickly. Neither party is able to modify prior court orders without an agreement or another court order. You therefore need to seek a relocation and a contempt action against him for the child support and alimony that he should be paying. Your situation is too complicated for you to attempt to resolve this on your own.

    Good luck,

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  2. the nearest family law attorney. You are being taken. You must have court orders to make him comply and you need to do this now.

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