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Bolingbrook, IL |

If my ex is stating to my childrens doctors that the existing court order has become obsolete and a new one issued which prevents me from obtaining simple medical records for my two children, what if anything can be presented in future court proceedings that her actions are destructive?
The doctors worked with me and forwarded all the information last night when I explained to them that there was such "decree" and the one in place for the last 8 years is still enforce?

Can my ex's deliberate actions in preventing me to access my childrens medical records be used in future court proceedings?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The answer is maybe. Keep good records. The law clearly states that both parents are entitled to records held by third parties, unless there is an order to the contrary.

  2. Keep good records regarding your ex's attempts to prevent you from getting the child's medical records. This may not carry the day in a hearing, but if you have other evidence in addition, it will be helpful in future proceedings like a change of custody or a termination of joint custody.

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