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Evidence in a Criminal trial.

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In a contempt trial how relevant is it if you have 3 sources of corroboration, admission of guilt and the judge acknowledging his orders were not followed? I have all that documented on transcripts and letters from sent from a special case master. What should I also cover if I want this to be a closed case?

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  1. You need an attorney. The simply fact is that self represented parties are not taken as seriously as those with an attorney. You may think this is unfair and you are right but the fact remains that most judges will treat even the best prepared brilliant self represented party worse than an average attorney. Also self represented persons come off as self interested, biased, and therefore less credible (for obvious reasons). Even the best lawyer in the world has a fool for a client if he represents himself. If you have an attorney, ignore the above, leave this forum, and talk to him about your case. Good luck.

  2. Your question is an illustration of what Mr. Dinakar has told you. It simply makes no sense. If you are the defendant in a contempt proceeding why are you collecting evidence that will only convict you. If you are not the defendant why do you care?

  3. I agree with the other two attorneys. You need to consult with a lawyer in your area regarding the facts of your case.

    Feel free to contact us for a consultation. Iannelli & Associates, 949 729-3171 This answer does not constitute legal advice and no attorney client relationship is created. Every case has many facts which are different and distinctly theirs, make sure that you understand this is general information and it would be advisable to constact a competent lawyer for personal legal advice.

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