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Everything i own is in my fathers home.can you recomend a good low income or free lawyer to help me,i panicked and left .

San Jose, CA |

because i was fighting with my mother (verbally)promised me and my father that she would allow me to remain in the house that i lived in for 6 years..i was'nt served a legal notice by my fathers friends have heard him state that i can stay there.i dont know if that will help.i know i should have never left,but now can i file papers or something to get back into my home even if its only to be evicted father always wrote everything down,i find it almost impossible to believe he didnt write it down..also his will/trust was never read to the family or i wasnt told about father left me 10 thousand dollars in my name,and my family wont give it to me,besides in motel room credits,this way ill be broke in no time.if someone can help me get my money

i guess id be able to pay for a lawyer,but before i loose all my money that way,id like to know if i have any rights or a shot at be allowed to go back home.i was worried that they were trying to get me out before anyone could get in touch with me about a will reading or other legal things but no such luck.

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  1. First, you need to contact your local county bar association, look on line, there should be an office in the San Jose area. They should have a probate referral panel. Call them and tell them you need a "modest means" or small matter lawyer to help you with a probate consultation and possibly a letter. Then meet with that person. Probably you will be charged a modest fee, but I suspect it would be quite small for a consultation. If there is a bank account in your name somewhere, you should be able to collect it with a certified death certificate and the bank's form for such purpose, or possibly with a Small Estate Affidavit.

    As to the promise to be allowed to live in the house, that may be the subject of a creditor's claim, if you could substantiate the promise. Get a probate practitioner in the same county where your parent lived.

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