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Enforcing court order to collect money judgement in 2006, and will not pay

Warren, MI |

Divorce Decree 401k agreement to pay, stopped paying, took him to court 2005, ordered to pay. Didn't. 2006 to him to court, ordered to pay + interest. 2014, not a penny. I have emails to provide the court my attempts to collect, and his responses that he isn't paying me. I have obtained his 3 current W2s, have 2 adult sons to testify their dad's response when they got involved, and asked when he was going to pay, etc. I'm disabled, receive disability, have our 2 sons residing with me, 23 and 24, one unemployed, and financially responsible for my home, my children, everything, $1100 per month. He is remarried, makes $60,000+, his wife works, purchased a $140,000 home Dec. 2009, New Ford Fusion 2010, he has the money, He stopped replying to my emails, won't answer my calls, not paying.

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I agree with Mr. Brennan. You should hire a lawyer with experience in going after people who do not obey their divorce judgment. Especially for someone who is working, it should not be that hard to at least get a flow of payments started. It sounds like you may also need a QDRO.
Best of luck.

I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and Virginia and regularly handle cases of this sort. My answering your question does not establish an attorney-client relationship. You should consult a lawyer so you can tell the lawyer the entire situation and get legal advice that is precisely tailored to your case.



Thank you so very much. I was really upset about my ex late last night for trying to manipulate my son , 23 yrs old, and my son was all excited, but I know him, and what he was trying to do. Came online and my situation is legitimate, and found you. I'm very grateful, whole heartedly for all the support, advice I've been provided with, showing me and feeling that you care. Priceless. I care about myself, love life, it's very hard, traumatic brain injury, disabled, and I have God, my faith, but all people in my life aren't here, I'm non-existent. Means the world to me. Life is unbearable when the world is burying me alive.Support, advice, lifted me up today, thank you.

Peter L. Conway

Peter L. Conway


You're welcome.


You can enforce this but clearly need the help of an attorney to do so. Take the evidence, engage an attorney.

To the PROSPECTIVE client, please call myself or another attorney for your choice with more detaiils and an appointment. My PRELIMINARY answer to your question(s) is for general purposes and based upon what little information you have conveyed. It is based on such limited information that the general answer should never be relied as a reason for your action or inaction. My response does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship and such may only be established by mutual agreement, and the signing of a written retainer agreement, which will generally require payment for our services, as this is what we do for a living and, just like you, we must get paid for our work.. .


Hi, You need an attorney to assist you. Preferably someone who is not only experienced in family law but also with regard to enforcement of the divorce judgment and collection of the unpaid sums of money. Talk to an attorney at once. Good luck to you.

Henry Gornbein


Hire an attorney to help you. Ask the attorney to ask for attorneys fees. Call an attorney today.

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Disclaimer: No attorney-client relationship has been established. Please contact an attorney about your legal rights. This answer is for educational purposes only.

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