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Employment Reference Disclosed Negative Medical Related-Disability Information

Baltimore, MD |

I do receive SSI because of my mental disability in particular an emotional/psychiatric disability (stress disorder). When I was student I worked at my college and received accommodation as a student and as an employee too. Through a medical inquiry, I did submit a legitimate medical documents that support me. Also I filed a Discrimination/Retaliation case at EEOC.
After graduation I got so many interviews and no luck. Then I hired a reference-check-company to see what my college say about me.
I found that the college disclosed related-disability information) targeting my inability to handle stress situations.
Examples, said:
1- cannot handled stressful situations
2- cannot handled stress like some do
3- needs to a stress management
Do I have an ADA, FERPA, and Retaliation Case?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. This is a very complicated question and is very fact-based. Much more information is necessary and I would recommend speaking to a lawyer in person.

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