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Employment law in WA state, employee's right to pursue claim against employer for hostile and harassing work environment

Bremerton, WA |

I work in a hostile, harassing work environment. I am a 50-ish office worker. I am being singled out by my boss ofr far harsher treatment than anybody else in the department.

I filled a verbal behavior grievance against a manager and won. Ever since I have been constanty scrutinized, verbal harassment, and rude behavior.

I live in the Bremerton, WA area and need help. This is ruining my days and keeping me awake at night, HELP!

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  1. why announce it? You can legally tape record someone if you are part of the conversation. Make it hidden and let the harrasser hang themself. Visit to discuss. Tim Klisz

  2. Washington like Illinois and California's laws prohibits the recording of communications unless all parties to the conversation consent.

    See my Legal Guide Recording Conversations in Illinois

    You need a lawyer because I do not practice in WA (I am in Chicago, IL). Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details. Twelve states like Illinois require all party consent to record.

    The statutes are at this link: .

    Violators can end up in jail. See RCW 9.73.080 (Penalties).

    If you do not have an employment contract or union to represent you, your recourse is limited.

    You might find my Legal Guide helpful "Workplace Discrimination: A Basis for Wrongful Termination Claims"

    You might find my Legal Guide helpful " What Do I Tell My Lawyer"

    If you have a discrimination theory about hostile workplace conditions you'll need a lawyer. Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details. Consider interviewing more than one lawyer before you make your final choice. Ask if the lawyer has handled similar matters, and what the outcomes were. Also ask if the lawyer has taken any continuing legal education courses which relate to your problem. Going it alone, you can miss and say the wrong things if you are not represented by an advocate as your attorney. This is why experience is a necessary line of inquiry as you look for a skilled counselor.

    Good luck to you.

    God bless.

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