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Employer is refusing to pay me my last check after I decide not to return to work on the 3rd day . Can they do that?

Minneapolis, MN |

I work for Home delivery vendor serving MN on Wednesday and
Thursday (October 10 & 11 from 6am -6pm) 24 hours of unpaid work.

The next scheduled payday has come pass by on October 19.2012. I
previous received call and email from Michael company person
who send me to work with contractor, he state that "your check from
the contractor you worked for will be released this week. Since you
abandoned your job and were not fired, federal law states that you
will be paid on the next scheduled payday which is this week for the
time you worked." after I completed the two days. I decide not to
return to work on the 3rd day quite for safety reason.

This pay week he mention has come and pass yet I did not received any

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This is a civil law issue. Send a demand letter. If they do not take you seriously, file a complaint against them in small claims court. You may be able to try (and win) this case yourself.


This doesnt appear to be a question about criminal law. You may want to contact the contact person for the company that sent you out to the particular job, as well as someone from the company from which you are seeking your paycheck. If you dont get a satisfactory answer from either, then contact an attorney in your area experienced in civil law.


Minnesota wage laws, including statute section 181, requires an employer to pay you your earned wages, and provides specific deadlines, depending on the situation. From your description, it sounds like your employer has missed those deadlines. If you have not already, you should send a written demand for payment. If that receives no response, you should consult a Minnesota attorney.

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