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Employer hired too many employees with the intention of firing 1/3 of us . What rights do we have as employees?

Las Vegas, NV |

I got hired as a cocktail waitress for a pool along with 60 other girls. They originally told us that they were hiring 60 girls because they need a lot of girls to manage the pool. During training many of the girls that worked there previous were upset because they hired twice as many girls then previous years. The senior girls told some girls that management was planning on moving some of the girl to a different pool based on performance. Management never addressed us as a group about this. After the first week of work, many girls were put on call for three weeks. Then we got called to HR and got let go. Many girls turn down other pool jobs because we were told we were hired. We even got emails a few days before we were laid off telling us to be patient that more shifts would be offer.

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Unfortunately, you likely do not have any legal recourse. Employment in NV is "at will," meaning that an employer may terminate your employment at any time and for any reason. There are several exceptions to that rule, but your question does not suggest that any of the exceptions would apply. If the employer gets a bad reputation for doing this sort of thing, then perhaps it will have difficulty filling positions in the future. Good luck.

My answers to questions posted on AVVO are intended to provide general information only, and are not intended to be legal advice. Employment law issues typically require a careful case-by-case analysis. Consequently, if you feel that you need legal advice, I would encourage you to consult in person with an employment attorney in your area.

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Yes, your circumstances are difficult. Mr. Jackson, is correct, employment in Nevada is "at will", unless you have a something in writing to the contrary. "At will" means that an employer can fire or lay off for any reason or no reason. In Las Vegas, Over-hiring is a common practice, especially in entertainment/tourist venues.

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