Employer has no record of hours work.

my employer only pays us 40 hours a week and sometimes are made to work 60. i have a record of all my times worked because i wrote them down. my brother on the other hand has worked here for almost four years and has never recieved his overtime and has never written down his lost hours. d.o.l. was been here to investigate, our employer is in the wrong. how is my brother suppose to calculate how much he really lost if no one has a record of any of the hours that where worked?

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Rebecca S. Webber

Rebecca S. Webber

Employment / Labor Attorney - Auburn, ME

Call the federal or state department of labor. The number for the state DOL is 207-623-7900.

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David Andrew Mallen

David Andrew Mallen

Employment / Labor Attorney - El Segundo, CA

Employers are required to keep records of hours worked. In some states, it is a criminal misdemeanor to fail to keep these records.

You and your co-workers should keep a personal calendar showing time in, time out, time in and out for lunch.

If your brother decides to file a claim for unpaid wages, he can prove and win his case by estimates.

Contact a local lawyer to see if Maine offers even better remedies.
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