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Employer asking for volunteer overtime, but with regular pay, not time and a half. Is this legal?

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I work at a LARGE insurance company. Lately they have been asking for voluntary overtime before and after Normal shifts m-f. They are stating that this would be paid at regular hours, not time and a half. Is that legal?

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In general, employees who are non-exempt, and work over 40 hours/week are entitled to time and a half. So this is probably a violation of the overtime laws. I suggest you contact me or another attorney on the AVVO list who handles these types of cases.


The former response is correct. If you are non-exempt, your employer must pay you and the other employees time and one half of your regular rate of pay. If you are paid hourly, you are probably non-exempt. If you are paid otherwise, the exemption will depend on duties and requirements of the position. I will be happy to discuss this with you, if you have any questions. Good luck.


More likely than not, your employer is covered by FLSA which would obligate them to pay you overtime as you describe the work scenario, assuming you are not exempt. Schedule a free consultation with an Avvo attorney and protect your rights.

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