Employer asked EEOC to call me about my discrimination claim. Is this mediation?

Asked over 1 year ago - Atlanta, GA

I filed a complaint for age discrimination in hiring with the EEOC a few months ago. I agreed to mediation with the EEOC and so did the employer. I have a witness that the hiring manager used ageism at my job interview and another witness that was hired for the position that is 20 years younger than me and less experienced.

The employer asked the EEOC mediator could he contact me by phone to reach a potential resolution and he left me a message today to call him. Is this considered the mediation itself? Should I ask for settlement in this phone call? I no longer live in the city where the job is, so I am not interested in it even if they offered it. Thanks so much.

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  1. Dean Richard Fuchs

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    Answered . In this situation, it is somewhat unusual for the employer to be contacting you directly. This is NOT the mediation, but perhaps an effort on the part of the employer to settle the matter with you outside the EEOC mediation process. You are free to see what the employer has to say, if you want to hear its offer. I recommend you consult with a local attorney with experience in this area, and that you proceed with the EEOC mediation, unless of course, you are now living a distance away from the EEOC handling the claim. Good luck.

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  2. David Andrew Mallen

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    Answered . Mediation is usually done in person, with a neutral third party called a mediator. The mediator is usually a lawyer or retired Judge.

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