Empirical proof the constitution codes are applicable to me.

Asked over 1 year ago - Savannah, GA

What empirical proof and factual evidence can be provided that the constitution codes (statutes, etc.) are applicable to me when it doesn't purport to be a contract? If the fictional lines of a state were declared by the Catholic Diocese because you live there would that make you a Catholic required to pay tithes when it is not your religious belief. What factual evidence is there that 536 men and women called Congress represent me? Do they have magic powers that a principal agent agreement does not have to exist? Does government operate like the Mafia, making me accept their service by coercion, intimidation and force. I am a descendant of Slaves and Native Americans (Savages according to the Declaration of Independence). I have no reciprocal agreement if so, Where are FACTS & EVIDENCE ?

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  1. John Arnold Steakley

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    Answered . What YOU consider "empirical proof" is irrelevant. If you were born here, you are a citizen. You are not "sovereign", the Constitution is not a contract and the US government is not a corporation that must be expressed in capital letters.

    The theory you espouse has no basis in law and will get you nowhere in court.

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  2. Guy W Bluff


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    Answered . Empirical proof and fact. I am presuming you are a US Citizen and live in this country. The US Constitution and US Codes apply to you. If you are unhappy with your "representative" government you have the right to petition the US District Court and subsequent courts of appeal to seek redress.

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  3. Ashley Anne Digiulio


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    Answered . This is the wrong forum for your question. Try twitter or answers.com

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  4. Donald F. Hawbaker


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    Answered . Generally, the U.S. Constitution is the answer to all your questions. The Declaration of Independence is a historical document describing the ideological basis for the 13 original colonies to "Declare" themselves "Independent" of British rule, but has no legal significance concerning current citizens' rights and obligations. Those are found in the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress and the state, county and municipal laws affecting citizens where you live.

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  5. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . Pretty self-serving approach, flawed analysis, not even an elementary understanding of civics, but an interesting perspective on the thoughts if the dispossessed. Don't try to use it as a defense--guaranteed loser in court.

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