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Emotional distress/mental distress

Jamison, PA |

I was talking to this girl who came to me for advice. She was having problems with her boyfriend at the time, so when she was upset about it she could come to me. I gave her some general advice like "things will get better", "stay positive", and that there are better guys out there. However, no matter what I said she never took my advice and was always upset. She seemed really emotionally unstable and was happy one second then completely upset the next second and freak out. Since she wasn't taking my advice, I realized I couldn't help her and tried to stop talking to her. However, she kept trying to contact me. Recently, she checked into a mental institution for help. If she says that it was me who caused her to go there, can I be sued for anything?

If I was to be sued, could it be for jail time or just monetary damages?

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Anyone can sue you for anything, really. The question is, would she prevail? I can't see from the facts you present any basis for a successful suit against you, if you were merely giving advice as a friend.

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If she did sue me would her only chance of winning be for the money to pay the cost of her mental institution bill? Or could there be a chance I go to jail?

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