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Email that my lawyer wants me to sign stating I have no guarantee of a net recovery??? Do I sign?

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This confirms that The Law Offices of *********. has authority to resolve my claim as a result of a motor vehicle accident that occurred on ******* for the highest amount possible which at this time is $********. I understand that this settlement amount is inclusive of my medical bills, attorney fees and costs. Upon final settlement, the firm will be obtaining final medical balances and I will be provided a settlement statement showing a full breakdown of the medical bills, attorney fees and costs. At this time I understand that based upon my medical bills I have no guarantee of any net recovery but would like to settle this case regardless.

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  1. That's pretty standard contingency fee contract language. Think about it: How can your lawyer GUARANTEE you a net recovery? I'm sure he/she would love to get you a net recovery, that makes him/her look like a hero, and then you'll go tell your friends and family how happy you were with your lawyer, etc., etc., etc. It's the "guarantee" part that's the stickler. If you trust your lawyer, sign it. If you don't, don't. Good luck!

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  2. This is Joesph Gufford responding to you inquiry. I have never seen any document even remotely like this. How does anyone know what the "highest amount" actually is? Is this something that is being sent out at the begining of the case or at some point after some real work has been put into it? In evaluating any settlement offer, the client needs to know to the value of their case including all of the various aspects of damages that are availaible or reasonable, the hard dollar number of medical bills (these can sometimes be negotiated down) and what the attorney's fees and costs are. Giving a blanket authorization to settle for fictitous amount without knowing those things is in my view, unwise. No lawyer can guarantee any result in any case. So, that goes without. Balnket authorizations to settle are in my view, unwise.

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