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Election in a USA town, nobody come out& vote because they not trust the candidate, what will happens? candidates are croocked

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supposed there is election in USA town , called TOWN ZXY supposed that nobody come out to vote because the people are too busy with life and believe all politicians are corrupt and can be bought, what will happens? are the candidates reelecting themselves ?
How about in condominium where the same scenario happened? nobody wants to get involved because they don't understand the right as unit owner? they don't have time and they don't want to vote because they don't trust the candidate, what will happens according to statutes 718. by the way, i don't think the law foresees people will decide not to vote for mistrust in either case? In fact it is happening in condominium as it is happening more or lesss in State and city election. Please give me your best legical and legal idea.

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  1. You can't force people to vote. If a vote requires a quorum, if enough people don't show up to vote, then there is no vote and whatever the bylaws or other governing document sets out as the consequence or result of that is what will happen.

    Although I must say, perhaps you were not watching the news on election day. People stayed in line to vote well past the time the polls closed. There were people in Miami still voting at 1 a.m. So I'm not sure where you are getting your information that no one was out voting. It certainly appears to me that democracy is alive and well in the United States despite Governor Scott's attempt to suppress voting and the information now coming to light that some of the more recent legislation changing voter laws in Florida was in fact expressly designed to suppress the votes of certain demographic populations.

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