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EEOC of Michigan is asking me/ my employer to settle a Discrimination charge against them .. Pregnancy discrimination ..

Detroit, MI |

What Kind of settlement could i ask for .. thinking like 2 to 3 years of wages .. How would i figure a good amount to Ask for .. .

Attorney Answers 3

  1. That is an impossible question to answer without knowing the facts. A settlement is dependent on a number of factors, including length of employment, strength of liability and ability of the employer to pay a judgment. There are other factors, but those are the main concerns. If you have a strong case in terms of liability 2-3 years could be more than far for the employer. I would recommend you consult with a competent employment attorney is this area.

  2. Your question requires more detail to provide an answer. For example, is the EEOC offering settlement at the mediation or conciliation phase? Did the EEOC issue you a Letter of Determination noting that your employer violated the law, or is the EEOC offering mediation before any real investigation had been conducted?

    Also, your question does not provide any details of your pregnancy discrimination claim. I would suggest you consult an employment attorney who is licensed in Michigan (I am only licensed in Arizona) to evaluate your case. Good luck

  3. The other attorneys are correct, there simply is not enough information provided. But let me also say this, EEOC and MDCR is not in the habit of resolving cases for fair value. If you were generally thinking about settling for a couple of thousand dollars or so, you might be able to get that but several years worth of wages is never going to happen because an employer would never pay it voluntarily. At least that is my experience and my opinion.

    Each employment situation has unique facts and circumstances. This means that information and advice cannot be taken literally and should be used as only informational. The information provided here is not legal advice and should not be interpreted as such.

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