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Ebay demanded that i up thousands of my prices and then kicked me off when i didn't. what can i do.

Delton, MI |

i am and was a top rated ebay international power seller with 99.9% positive feedback 2,100 + and 2- , 4.99 of 5 stars and 100% shiped items in 1 day or less. ebay demanded that i up thousands of my prices and then kicked me off when i didn't. ebay president sent be a letter that says quote, ''your perm. suspention has nothing to do with your accounts actions, but is a preventive measure. please have your items authenticated for reinstatement''.

i had my items authenticated by ebay authenticarer I.S.A. After 100% of items passed, i was not allowed to return. it should be noted that I.S.A SAYS EBAY IS IN COLUSION WITH SELLERS i have several pictures of my competion DRINKING with ebay staff and president. pictures of this person at ebay the day my account was suspended + OTHER SELLERS +++

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I have owned several businesses over the years and one of them was an eBay drop-off store where we sold hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on eBay, including rare antiques, automobiles, artwork, etc. That being said, I can promise you, my opinion is not that eBay is in collusion with sellers, but I believe they have become more buyer focused and less seller focused in the recent years. Again, this is merely my personal opinion.
As for what you can do - based on what you have described, I do not see any legal help available for you. eBay is a private company and is not required to allow you to utilize their services. They have rules sellers and buyers must follow and can terminate an account at any time if they feel you are violating the terms of your user agreement (which you agreed to but like most, probably never read). If eBay feels you may be a risk to their company (which may be the case based on what you have written) they have the right to decide not to do business with you.
Whether or not eBay executives socialize with eBay sellers is completely up to the parties involved. There is no law that I am aware of which prevents company executives from socializing with people who use their services. To the contrary, it generally makes good business sense to do so which is why many companies "wine and dine" their clients.
Anyway, I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties and I understand that eBay's decision to terminate your account is likely to cost you a great deal of sales. eBay, however, is not required to provide an outlet for you to sell items: they do so only for people who agree to abide by their unilateral terms. Remember, eBay never signed an agreement with you. If they had, you might have a stronger case. I wish you well!

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I believe you have posted regarding this situation in the past. If not, then someone with exactly the same situation. I believe you should consider starting a class action against EBay. You, on your own, are not going to scare them one bit. They would simply tie you up in court and starve you out, by forcing you to pay exorbitant attorney fees and court costs. But if a hundred people were to come after them for the same issues, or a thousand, then you stand a real chance of getting their attention.

You are going to need top notch lawyers to assist you with this, in order to have any chance of prevailing.

James Frederick

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I can see from the answers posted here that my assumption that everything sold on flea market sites had just "fallen off a truck" was incorrect. In part, I was influenced by seeing our local flea market seller at the post office and also at the township dump, pawing through the muck for "merchandize." I am glad to learn differently. It is now clear to me that the merchandize I wrongly assumed was make by slave workers instead has its provenance carefully checked for compliance with proper working conditions and child labor laws. As well, I understand now that my assumption that what was being sold was counterfeit IP was also incorrect. I will never buy anything that way, bu I think Asker could pose the question that, having made a good living undercutting prices, that while the competition was out schmoozing, you just continue to play the game straight up. If an attorney of Mr. Sternisha's sterling reputation is selling then I have to re-order my assumptions. But, having grown large enough to threaten the profits of your competition, they took care of you the old-fashioned way: drinking with the boss. You were sort of a guest on the big auction sites, and the other sellers wanted to make more money. I doubt you can maintain a lawsuit in this matter, or afford the fees. Its a terrible shame, and unfair. Perhaps you could create a dozen little sellers and rebuild your business in a less visible manner?

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