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Eating at a restaurant, large plank of solid wood fell and hit me in the neck and head.

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Their insurance company says they must talk to me and get a statement and I need to sign papers for them to get my medical records to pay the medical bills. Is this true? I don't want to sign anything, my neck is still bothering me. I just don't want them to not pay my medical bills.

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It is not true! Retain a personal injury attorney who will handle communications with the insurance company.

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The reason they want your signature is that they want to cut off your possible rights, forever, in exchange for the least they can promise right now. That's what insurance companies do, and they're very good at it.

You can be very sure that the forms and fine print they've drawn up for you to sign are for THEIR benefit, not yours.

If your injuries are serious enough to require medical treatment, then before signing anything, you should almost certainly consult in more detail -- privately, under cloak of attorney-client privilege -- with a qualified attorney whose experience includes personal injury claims. Many of us who do that kind of work actually have experience on "both sides of the docket," meaning we've sometimes represented companies and their insurers, and sometimes represented injured people.

Many lawyers also offer free initial consultations, meaning you can share your information (including sensitive information like medical diagnoses and records) privately and in detail so that you get a well-informed evaluation from the lawyer, but without making any commitment to that particular lawyer and without any expense or risk to you.

William J. Dyer

William J. Dyer


You're also well advised to seek legal advise, and possibly representation, before giving the insurance company any statements. They can -- and often do -- take remarks out of context, and sometimes they affirmatively twist them. They know all the tricks; you need someone in your corner who also knows them.

William J. Dyer

William J. Dyer


ouch -- meant "advice," sorry for the typo


False! Never believe an insurance company. Retain a personal injury lawyer to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Do NOT sign off on anything or make a recorded statement without speaking to an attorney first! You may be entitled to more than they're offering. Additionally, you may require future medical treatment that the insurance company is not willing or offering to pay at this point. Most if not all attorneys offer free consultations to discuss your rights and potential remedies. Feel free to contact me to discuss your options. Good luck.

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The restaurant or the person who installed the wood plank is most likely liable for all your injuries and damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, physical impairment, and pain and suffering. (Res Ipsa Loquitur). You should immediatly consult with a Houston injury lawyer for consultation. They can usually refer you to a doctor for treatment if you are still having trouble. Don't sign anything or talk to the insurance company further without speaking to an attorney.

The information contained herein is not to be construed as legal advice. The questioner should seek independant legal advice from a qualified attorney after establishing a proper business relationship. Forrest Welmaker is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. No attorney fees unless a recovery is made. Doctor referrals are usually available, depending on case. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Welmaker Law Firm, P.C., for a free consultation. 210-828-6033 800-494-1916


Do not talk to the insurance company. They will trick you into saying things that will be used against you later. Get a board certified peronal injury lawyer to handle the case. Do not give anything to the other side. Let the lawyer handle it.

This is not legal advice. You should always discuss the specifics of your issue in person with an attorney. Be aware that there are time limits on all claims that depend on the kind of claim, so do not delay in seeking an attorney.


That's nonsense and basically lies that insurance companies like to tell victims. You should hire a lawyer. To research your situation, go here:

If you don't get all of your questions answered on our website and would like to speak with one of our Board Certified Houston injury lawyers, just let us know.


Restaurants and other places of business have a duty to inspect the premises and make safe or warn of conditions that could cause harm to their patrons. In my opinion you should immediately consult with a personal injury attorney about your case. The evidence that exists needs to be preserved so that you can develop your case against the owner of the premises or the entity that was in control of the premises. You should also immediately seek medical attention for your injuries, including your possible head injury. My advice is not to give the insurance company any type of statement bc it will use it against you later if you make any misstatements. Good luck

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I definitely advise you to meet with a personal injury lawyer promptly before doing anything.

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I like your claim so far. I don't go to restaurants to get clobbered by the infrastructure. Do not give a statement to an insurance company without consulting with a lawyer. Do not give anyone an authorization to get your medical records. No, you do not have to, and if they are telling you that you MUST do that, they aren't being honest. Wheter your case is substantial or not depends on the amount and nature of your medical treatment and injury. We don't have enough information here to know for sure. Get to an experienced injury attorney quick. Good luck!

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