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Easement question for land located in Texas

Dallas, TX |

I am the owner of 5.494 Acres land located in Denton county Texas. In the official Replat it shows a 30ft easement for utility and sewer. Now recently got a call from the realtor who looks after that sub-division saying that electricity is about to start their work in the area and they found an Iron Rod on that 30ft easement, so they wanting to have 5ft additional land for access or easement 0.11acre from my land. They send me official document that I need to sign and notorized and give them right of way. Can you please help me understand what are my rights here and should I sign or not? Thx

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  1. First of all, I am not admitted in the great state of Texas. However, I would make an attempt to answer this based on general principles of law. Once you gave someone easement like the utility company, they can ask for something more (enlargement) which are reasonable, equitable and consistent with their original easement. Here, it is only 5 feet more. Again, they may place sign to anyone not to do anything close to this easement, so you are not going to use this additional land anyway. As usual, it is best to see a local attorney in your jurisdiction.

    Only see a licensed attorney before you make any decision. This answer may not be perfect in any given situation. However, more fact may be required by your local attorney

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