Ead( employment authorization document)

Received an card production email for my i 765 application from the uscis, on may 18th and again on may 23. In your general experience is this normal and what time frame should i expect the ead. Happy Memorial weekend to all

Orlando, FL -

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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

2 weeks is about right.

Hassan Hussein Elkhalil

Hassan Hussein Elkhalil

Immigration Attorney - Atlanta, GA

You should expect to receive your work authorization any day.

Good luck

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(770) 612-3499

Disclaimer: This answer is for informational and educational use only. This answer does not create attorney-client relationship. For more details, I recommend a private consultation with an immigration lawyer.

Gintare Grigaite

Gintare Grigaite

Immigration Attorney - Bayonne, NJ

I agree with my colleagues, the Notic of Action ususally says 30 days, but you should receive within about 2 weeks. If it takes longer than 1 month, you should contact USCIS. You may also check your EAD case status online to see when your actual card was mailed out, so that you will be on notice when to look out for it.

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