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E visa

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if one invested $500,000 into the commercial eight unit center, the remaining $700,000 received from gift. The total invested $1.2 million into the property. The rent is about $8000 from the rental property. In addition, the business was created about two years ago in one of the rental unit. The income generated fromt he business is about $60,000 annually. Will the $60,000 be considered marginal? Or if rental income will also be considered as part of the package of E2 visa? There are only two employees working for the company. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Recommend consult with an attorney regarding your E-Visa petition. On the face of it, it appears, you could be a candidate for E Visa, provided you meet other qualification and tracing of funds issue, etc.

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  2. Consider seeking professional consultation. You have a lot of $$$ at stake. Best Wishes!
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  3. The $60,000 is probably a little too close to be acceptable, either for E-1 or E-2 or for EB-5 for permanent residency. The 1.2 million you have raised exceed the $1 million limit for assets for a business, but not so the employees, with a minimum of 15 required..