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DWI Probation, can it be changed from supervised to unsupervised?

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If one is on supervised probation for a year has paid all financial obligations, completed all court ordered classes and required community service hours can ones probation be changed to unsupervised? If so, how would this be done?

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Yes it can be done. Especially if the probation officer is on your side. Usually they want to make sure that all conditions have been completed, and that you have had no problems whatsoever while on probation. Although there is no early termination for a DWI probation, it is not unheard of to allow a person to serve out the rest of their probation term on a mail in status. You need the help of a local attorney who knows that Judge and is familiar with the Judges policies. Hope this helps.

James R. "Jim" Butler,Houston,Texas,DWI Lawyer. Free Consultation .Call (713)236-8744. Pardon my typing and or grammar,I am sending from my i-phone.I only represent people accused of DWI in Texas. My answer is based upon the limited amount of information supplied in your question. The answers I give on this site are intended for general educational purposes only. If you already have an attorney, I always suggest that you consult with that attorney first.

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I have never seen this done on a felony DWI probation, and in the counties I practice in, rare to never on a misdemeanor. Your probation officer may allow you to report less frequently and loosen his or her supervision...but getting to unsupervised on a DWI is probably going to be an uphill battle. It may be more common in your county, but not around here. In order to have this done you would likely be required to file a motion to modify the terms of your probation, and you would benefit greatly from the assistance of a local experienced criminal defense attorney. My suggestion, go meet with a local criminal defense attorney. Many will provide you with a free consultation. If he or she thinks it can be done, go for it. However, I would not get my hopes up.

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When it has been done it usually is because the PO is on your side. If you have an attorney talk to them more about it. Good luck.

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Depends on the PO and the judge. If you have a good relationship with your PO then you should contact an attorney to petition the court. Good Luck!

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