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My mom won Dv lottery, she is Bulgarian by nationality, born in Moldova, lives in Armenia, has lived there for 40 years, her Armenian passport states: Nationality. : Republic of Armenia My question : what should she put as her nationality on the Application? Armenia or Bulgarian ?

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

nationality = citizenship. Is she a bulgarian citizen? Nope. Then put Armenian.

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Jong M Lee

Jong M Lee

Lawyer - University Place, WA

It is common for people to use the term "NATIONALITY" as their ethnicity or ethic background. However, in U.S. Immigration Law, nationality means citizenship. However citizenship can be confusing as well; dual or multiple citizenship is not uncommon in Europe. Depending on the law, citizenship can be gained lex sanguinis (by descent), lex soli (by birth) or by naturalization. So your mom could have citizenship in Bulgaria, Moldova and Armenia.

To keep it simple and practical, since she has an Armenian passport, that should be her NATIONALITY. Also it should be consistent. For example when she entered the DV lottery, what was the stated as her nationality? Goodluck

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