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DUI waiver

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Im almost done with my DUI program. Ive been kicked out soo many time and had warrant put on me.
and i have to pay everytime to get back in the program. I have no Job, I owe the court 1500 and even thou Ive already paid the program about 700 they're sayin that that was only for late fees and of course other charges. I can't get a real Job without my license and they wont give a certificate of completion.
Is there any way i can get the court to waive my DUI fees so i can get this job that i have lined up?

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  1. You might be able to have some or all of the fines converted into jail time. Other than that, no such waiver of fine exists. That's part if the punishment

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  2. Talk to your attorney. They are in the best position to help you. Good luck.

  3. You can possibly convert the fine into jail time and satisfy it that way

  4. While you may be able to get the court to convert the fines to jail time, the court will not waive the fees payable to the DUI program provider.

    Your best option is to try and work out a payment plan with the DUI program.

    How long is your DUI program? 3, 9, or 18 months? Did you know that installing an ignition interlock device on your car can help get you driving again?

  5. The court will not address the DUI program fees. Maybe if you didn't get "kicked out soo many time"....

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  6. There will always be additional fees each time you have to reinstate the program. If you are almost finished borrow the money, pay off the program and complete it. This MAY make you eligible for a license. As for the court fines, go to court ask that the fines be converted into community service/labor, or jail and resolve that financial issue. You have control of your destiny because there must be a reason your 'kicked out" of the program. Take control of your life and get it done. Most people complete the program in a timely basis. Good luck.

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