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DUI w/ excessive speeding. Seeking advice on legal representation.

Pleasanton, CA |

I was pulled over on St. Patrick's day by CHP on the 101 in Monterey county. Apparently, I was going 100 in 65 zone. I blew twice the legal limit, according to the police. Went to arraignment today. I make too much for a public defender. I have no prior ANYTHING. The judge told me to relay to an attorney the following: 2 counts of DUI 'a' and 'b', 'Excessive DUI?' 'Excessive speeding'. I didn't want to plead Not Guilty, so I almost pleaded Guilty/No contest (they are the same in Monterey county apparently) and the judge basically told me that was a stupid idea and to retain an attorney. I live in Alameda county and I have no idea what to do next besides contacting an attorney. How much/when do I pay? I CANNOT go to jail! And i do NOT want some scheister lawyer either. Help!!

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I agree.. In addition, the speed allegation could add 60 days of county jail/work release if you admit that allegation. An attorney is extremely important. Do NOT just roll over because a Judge does not know the facts of your case.


You need to retain an attorney immediately. Most will give you a free consultation and some may offer payment plans. Speeding alone is not a sign of impairment. Good luck.


First, you need a lawyer. The excessive speed count in the Vehicle Code says that in addition, that is important, in addition to the conviction for the DUI, if you exceed the speed limit on a freeway by 30 miles or more you will be sentenced to a separate and additional 60 days in the county jail. These cases can be negotiated, but with the double the legal limit, this will take some work. This is not something you want to do alone. I have handled many of these cases all over the state, even though my office is in San Leandro, CA, I take cases all over Northern California, and know that all District Attorneys and Judges in each of our counties negotiate alternatives to jail in most cases depending on your record. The judge gave you good advice. Donald Drewry Vice President California DUI Lawyer's Association and private Attorney-at-Law


DUI's are actually very complicated cases., and with the speeding allegation can be quite serious. You should hire a qualified lawyer in Monterey County. If Don Drewery, who answered the question above, will go to Monterey, call him. If not, try Julie Crawford in Salinas.
Whatever you do, don't plead guilty or no contest without having a qualified DUI lawyer thoroughly review your case. Good luck.

This information is intended to be general information only. Please do not rely on my comments; consult a qualified attorney.

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