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DUI stop there was two cops and a third person? why was the third person there?

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When I was stopped for a dui there was the initial one cop who pulled me over but he had someone else in his car, he was not in uniform nor did he have a badge, when I was taking my blood test I specifically remember he was talking to one of the nurses and he said he was a truck driver.
who was he and why was he there? and should have he been talking to me? he asked me if my parents are going to give me hell and told me some story about when he was in the vietnam war.

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He was probably doing a "ride along" but I cannot be sure.


He was likely a civilian doing a ride-a-long with law enforcement. It's not that unusual.

That being said, you should have your attorney find out who they were and have an investigator interview them for their observations regarding your sobriety.

Best of luck to you.

John Buckley

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It does not make any difference.


This type of thing is fairly common. You may want an investigator to interview the man if he didn't write out a statement, but in my experience civilians that do ride-a-longs with police are very pro law enforcement in their testimony. Your attorney can help you decide if they should be interviewed.

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First step: you need to get a copy of your discovery to see if this person was referenced in the police report or any other documents. This seems strange but not out of the question given so-called "ride-alongs". The bigger issue is whether/which rights you waived when it comes to voluntarily revealing information about yourself, your state or intoxication at the time of arrest or any other relevant factors.

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