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DUI reduced to reckless driving. Im trying to get into med school next year. Will schools still see the DUI on my record?

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I'm also concerned about the reckless driving charge. When asked to explain that on my application, how do I explain without mentioning the DUI? (I was charged with speeding [55/35], reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, and DUI and my attorney was able to get all but the reckless driving dismissed.) How much of this will be visible to universities and employers?

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The DUI should not remain on your record if it was amended. If it was dismissed, most likely the arrest will still appear. In addition, if you received a license suspension for refusing or testing above the legal limit, then if will be easy for some one to figure out you were arrested for DUI. Go to your local DMV web site or office and check out what comes up on your record yourself. As it relates to your visibility, a lot will depend on what questions are asked. Do they ask if you were arrested or convicted? Do want a response to even expunged cases? I would suggest getting ahold of your attorney and having him get your DUI arrest expunged if it was dismissed.


all of those violations will show as an arrest. The disposition of the case should show the DUI being dismissed. You may want to go to the Department of Drivers Services and pull a copy of your driving history as well as going to your local police department or sheriff's department and requesting a copy of your criminal history. This will show you exactly what is on your record. On the other hand, in my 20+ years experience, I have found that honesty with the committees and boards has always been in the applicants best interest


If the medical school asks you to provide a criminal history, or asks you to sign a document allowing them to obtain your criminal history, this DUI arrest may show up. You can go to any GA police department and for a fee, ask for a copy of your criminal history to see what the public can access, such as universities and employers. My experience has been that a DUI arrest is always on your record; the Georgia Crime Information Center, which compiles your "record," is required to update your information with the court disposition. Your record should show you were arrested for DUI, speeding, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane and convicted of reckless driving. I'm not aware of anything you can to do to get GCIC to take the DUI arrest off your record.


The DUI arrest will be on your criminal history, however there will be no DUI conviction, but there may be a conviction for reckless driving on your record. I do not believe you will be able to mention or explain the reckless driving charge without mentioning you were arrested for DUI. In this situation honesty is the best policy. Obtaining a certified copy of the reckless driving conviction as suggested by Jessica Towne is an excellent idea. An arrest does not mean you are guilty. For a more detailed specific answer consult a DUI defense attorney.

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