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Dui, and paid in full, now I supposedly violated probation. Now what??

Simi Valley, CA |

Ventura County, February 2012. Classes and fines are completed. The DMV even gave me my license back. What did I do wrong? Am I going back to jail??


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  1. You need to determine what is the alleged violation allegation. It may be an error. Go online to: or google "ventura county superior court" and see if you can pull up the case information, it might tell you the alleged violation. If not, go to the clerk of the court and see if you can find out (or if you have a probation officer, they would know)

  2. Gather the evidence of your completion and payments. There may have been some error. A violation can occur for a variety of reasons, but if you weren't arrested for any new offense and have complied with the terms of your sentence, you shouldn't get a probation violation. Contact the clerk's office to see what the alleged violation is.


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  3. I agree with my colleagues' answers; contact the clerk of the court and your PO to see what is the basis for the alleged violation. I also agree that it is wise to assemble and have ready the paperwork that verifies all the work you have done in compliance with your probation.

    Best of luck.

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  4. DUI probation in Ventura county is different than in most other counties. While on a first time offense you don't have to personally meet with a probation officer, you do still have to report to probation. Once you are signed up for probation, which you or your attorney has to do in person, from that point forward you have to report via mail every month. From what you have described, unless you picked up a new offense, my guess is that you never reported or perhaps didn't send the forms. With some judges, jail or work release is a possibility. I have helped numerous people in similar circumstances. I suggest contacting a locally experienced DUI attorney for help with this. The sooner the better. Best of luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  5. you probably failed to send probation card in on a timely basis. Get an attorney to straighten this out.

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