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Due to very unstable conditions leading to civil war in Egypt what can be done to get my husband to USA as quickly as possible

Dandridge, TN |

i have been living in Egypt for the last 5 and half years have been married to my Egyptian husband for 7 and half years with 2 children together Situation here has become very dangerous and unstable and i fear for my family's safety Me and my children are American citizens so the problem is how to get my husband out as quickly as possible

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  1. Did you ever file an I-130 Petition for your husband? If not, you should do so as soon as possible, and request that the I-130 Petition be expedited. You should work with an immigration lawyer on the case.

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  2. I am afraid, the same way as anyone else. You file for him and get the petition approved, then go through NVC and an interview in the consulate.

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  3. You could enroll him as a student in an American University and perhaps obtain a student visa. Of course, he would actually have to study or else his entry would be considered fraudulent.

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  4. You will have to file your paperwork just like everyone else, but can have your paperwork expedited. It is highly important that everything is done properly so that there are not any requests for additional evidence to slow down your processing. You should consult with an immigration attorney to assure that everything is done well the first time.

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