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Dual Judgement of Divorce vs Judgement of Divorce

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what is the difference between a dual judgment of divorce and a just a judgement of divorce if there is one

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  1. For practical purposes, there really is no difference. I Final Judgment of Divorce is generally based upon one of the parties pleadings (usually the Plaintiff's). A Dual Judgment is based upon the pleadings of both parties (Complaint of Plaintiff and Counter-Claim of Defendant). After that the difference normally ends. The Court has a duty to make a determination of the issues in the case, including equitable distribution, custody of children, alimony, child support, and parenting time. Whether or not both parties have proven the divorce cause of action is generally immaterial to those other issues.

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  2. It Is basically the same.

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  3. I agree with my colleagues.

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  4. Both documents are the same in that they dissolve the marriage and grant a divorce. A Dual Judgment means that one party filed a Complaint for Divorce and the other party filed a Counterclaim and a divorce was granted to each party.

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  5. Sometimes, it is emotionally important to both parties that if they have both plead causes of action based upon irreconcilable differences, that their individual causes of action are recognized at law. For practical purposes, it does not matter whether the Plaintiff or the Defendant are granted a divorce on this cause of action so long as there is an appropriate factual basis that the Court can rely on enter the divorce and dissolve the marriage. Ultimately, the end goal is the same. Absent other factors, this is not an issue that should be litigated.

  6. A Dual Judgment of Divorce is based upon both parties asking the court for a divorce. This is done when there is a Complaint and a Counterclaim filed with the Court. A judgment of Divorce is when one party is asking the court for a divorce. This is when there is a Complaint for divorce and the defendant either does nothing, or files an appearance or files a Answer. I hope this was helpful.

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