DSS is trying to convict me of child abuse and basically telling me i have NO rights, constitutional or otherwise

They told me to leave my home and my children can return with my wife, but after 15 days, the kids are still not at home. I have jumped through every hoop they ask, but i am still denied even supervised visits with my 10 wk twins, nor my almost 10 yr old son. Me nor my wife have any criminal record at all, and have 3 healthy kids, but I am still denied any contact, not even a phone call to my oldest son. I willingly let them search my home, have taken drug tests, and gave many statements, and everyone i know has given statements to our good nature, but DSS doesnt care. We dont have enough money to hire a good atorney and still be able to take care of everyday life, but need advice on what to do. My oldest son turns 10 in 1 1/2 weeks, but i can't even talk on the phone. Please help

York, SC -

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Jonathan H Levy

Jonathan H Levy

International Law Attorney - Washington, DC

I am not licensed in your state but generally speaking it sounds like you have more than a CPS issue here. In your supplemental information you mention a detective, a possible search warrant, and a crime. This sounds like a serious criminal matter therefore you should not discuss the matter with anyone except your attorney. If CPS is involved, they ultimately are going to have to provide you some sort of due process, if they continue to bar you from contact.

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