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Driving tickets and points system

Aberdeen, MD |

I just recieved 3 tickets 2 for speeding and 1 for speeding in a work zone in the past 2 months, each equaling 6 points, I am about to join my local fire dept. and these are my first offenses and traffic tickets in my life, is it possible for me to ask to double the fine to either reduce the points or rid the charge all together? I am more concerned about the charges and the points itself

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In Maryland, there are no 6 point speeding tickets; there are 6 point tickets for reckless driving but not for speeding, unless the law just changed. Ticket points go 1,2,2,5 for doing 0-9.10-19. 20-29 and 30+ or any speed over 85. respectively. I am not advising you on what to do, only to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

You should consult with an attorney in your county. The Harford County Bar Association may be able to assist you. I am not in your county and am not seeking the business. I wish you well.

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Be aware that simply paying the tickets means you are pleading guilty and hence getting the corresponding points. Paying extra fines wouldn't alleviate those points or simply make it all go away. You're probably going to want to go to court. I'd suggest that whenever you go to court you need to have a lawyer with you.

How much is not getting these points worth to you? Will they hurt your job opportunity or cause your insurance premiums to go up? I'd suggest that you should contact local counsel and ask what they would charge you for handling all of these tickets at once. Compare that price with the cost of being hit with the points.

While you may not believe that you have any defenses, a lawyer may know otherwise. If you truly have no defenses, then a lawyer can assist you by presenting you and your situation in the best light and by dealing with the court for an outcome that minimizes penalties.

--- I'm not your lawyer. The above post is not legal advice and should not be used as such. I don't know the necessary details of your case or anything about your personal background. I encourage you to seek legal representation for all matters where you believe your liberty or property interests may be at risk.

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The only way to get the points reduced is to request a trial on each ticket, and plead not guilty in the request. A separate trial will be scheduled for each ticket (they are scheduled on a date the issuing officer is available for court, so if you have three different officers on three different occasions, then you will get three different court dates). Take and complete an MVA approved driver's improvement program (about 8 hours total). Bring the certificate of completion with you each court date. Ask the judge for leniency. It is possible you may get a "probation before judgment" on at least one of the tickets, which will prevent that conviction and points from going on your record. The other two tickets may be reduced in points. If the officer fails to show, then the judge will dismiss that ticket if you plead not guilty.

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