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Driver's License suspended on a judgement/ civil lawsuit.

Quincy, FL |
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Hi I am being sued by a lady for a car accident we were involved in. She was the one who hit me but I had no insurance on my car. So she sued me and we went to court and I settled to pay her a monthly fee without us going to trial. Well I missed a couple months of paying her and I received a letter in the mail stating that my driver's license is suspended until satisfaction of judgement. I need my license in order to work because I am a correctional officer with the State of Florida. I called the DMV and they could not issue me a hardship license because it was suspended on a judgement. The lady who is sueing me is not willing to go to the DMV and take the affidavit off so I can get my driving privileges back until I pay all of her money back. What do I need to do? Nothing was ever said in court about my license being suspended if I missed any payments. I need my license to work. What can I do?

my situation is similar to this I got my license suspended because of the civil jugment against me form this insurance company. I was involve in a car accident back in 2005 and my insurance was canceled at the moment. The other party was the one who hit me but since I had a stop sign it was my fault. the insurance company want me to pay them about $6500.00 and I have been trying to get a settlement for 50% of the total amount that I owe--instead they want me to pay 75% of the total amount or set up a payment plan which is impossible for me. I need my license to get reinstated. What should I do?

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Your question is missing a few facts, so I am going to assume them for purposes of answering your question. I am going to assume that you reached a settlement agreement that provides that the lady who sued you would get a final judgment against you if you fail to make payments as agreed, and that she received that judgment when you stopped paying her. In Florida, if you fail to carry bodily injury liability insurance you must be able to satisfy any injury liability judgment against you and if you don't, your driver's license can be suspended until you satisfy (pay) the judgment. The only way to reinstate your DL is to get a "satisfaction of judgment" from the lady. So you need to work something out with her/her lawyer to get a satisfaction of judgment and get your DL reinstated.

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