Door-to-door Solicitors (leaving flyers) What can I do?

Asked over 3 years ago - Chicago, IL

I own my home. I have a "No Soliciting" banner, clearly visible from the sidewalk, on my front door.

Yet, daily I get between 3-5 "flyers" taped, glued, or rubberbanded to my railings, door, or windows. Some of the adhesives used leave residues that are very difficult to remove, and cause damage to the paint. I also get numerous flyers taped to my garage door, which have left unsightly stripped paint over which I'm tired of repainting.
The Chicago Tribune and RedEye toss unsolicited weekend papers which fly around my house and I'm tired of picking it all up - I've called them to tell them to stop, but it continues. The Maillady says she MUST leave the pound of weekly advertisements from the Trib in my mailbox, even if I don't want them.

What can I do to stop all this?

Additional information

Also, business cards are left attached to my mailbox, and people ring my doorbell trying to sell various products and services despite the "No Soliciting" sign. I point that out, and they leave. I have never done business before with any of the solicitors who have left the flyers and paper items or came ringing my doorbell. Isn't that sign supposed to protect me from all this? I am in Chicago, Illinois.
Thanks Attny Prozan. But, this is not about telemarketing - it's about people attaching advertisements to my home while ignoring my No Soliciting sign. I do not believe that a Newspaper co's ads are US Mail - and isn't it a violation of Federal Law to put anything but US Mail in someone's mailbox? Never mind. I found out that it was just a house inspector. They can tell whether or not someone lives there by how much junk piles up. The law doesn't protect the people anymore, when there are other laws that condone the law-breaking.

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  1. Michael Prozan


    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . Some of this seems like US mail. See

    If it is as bad as you say, as to repeat offenders you can identify, you could hire a lawyer, threaten legal action if it continues, and if it does continue, bring legal action. Once you have done it once, mailing a copy of the court order to other offending parties should do it.

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