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Domestic violence charges - felony false imprisonment and battery misdemeanor

San Jose, CA |
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I have a friend who was recently charged with felony false imprisonment and battery misdemeanor. For a few months his wife wanted him to move out and sign a divorce agreement. Since he did not want to do so, eventually his wife got very mad, and during a recent argument, she grabbed his cell phone from his hand and he blocked her way to leave from the house and tried to get the phone back. She then left from the other door of the house and called the police. When the police arrived, she denied she took his phone and told the police that he grabbed her arms, prevented her from leaving and calling 911, and fabricated some other stories against him. She owns the house and most properties; he has no job and owns only a little saving, not enough to afford a good lawyer. Please help.

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Your friend is entitled to have the court appoint an attorney to represent him if he cannot afford one.

Aside from that observation, you haven't really asked a question, so I'm not sure what you're asking. Is that enough to base the charges on? Yes. Can he be convicted if the jury believes her version of events? Yes. Can an attorney protect his rights and fight for him? Yes.

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